Free Skidplate For WR 450Fs

What is it? :naughty:

Is that a snow shovel?


I like the snow shovel...maybe I'll convert another to that purpose. It's a stock skid plate from an XT 500 Yamaha.

I'm gonna do that to my wifes DRZ 125 the stock plastic looks good but I'm sure will not do a dam thing if I or she hits something for real....

cool idea... you guys are crafty mo-fo's!

How did you get the bend in it?

It's a stock plate from a Yamaha XT 500. The only forming we did was to make sure it sat snugly against the frame more than 6 whacks with the BFH. It is wide enough to protect the engine cases from most hits. We ride a lot of rock infested single track.

The problem I see is that you welded it to the frame of the bike! :naughty:

I guess I am just way to pickey about the quality of stuff that go's on my bike.

Rock infested or not.

It looked like the side of a keg to me.

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