YZ450 hard to kick after oil change

I just changed the oil in my '04 YZ450 and can no longer start the bike in gear!?!? I adjusted the clutch, no change. Very strange as I have never had a problem kicking in gear. Same oil. It feels like the clutch is halfway engaged when kicking in gear. Put in neutral, start, put in gear and all feels the same, meaning that the bike doesn't act like the clutch is halfway engaged when running. Very strange, any ideas?

Ride it for a while to get the oil warmed up. I have a YZ426, and have never started it in gear when it was from cold. However, once I've been riding some, it has no problem starting in gear. Down to the oil viscosity when cold

same oil, but what oil?

Your clutch plates are likley just sticking a bit. Just ride it and get the oil warm and it should be fine. :naughty:

Yea the pressure plate does mash the plates together pretty good and i thing just pulling in the clutch wouldnt unstick them. I have never been able to start my bike in gear cold or hot.

same oil, but what oil?

Yamalube 10/40

warm it up first. :naughty:

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