Dual Sportting in Oregan

I was wondering what you have to do to dual sport your bike in Oregon. I have a 2004 WR 450 and I want to dual sport but as everyone knows you cant do it in California anymore. So I decided I will go to Oregan to visit family and try and get it dual sportted there. Also does it matter that it is a red sticker bike. Thanks for your help.

OK I take it that nobody knows about dual sportting in Oregon.

I would hit www.omra-online.org

that question on the forum there should get a response.

Tawmass the moderator should know, etc.

As someone on this forum once mentioned, You can get a plate for your barbeque if you have the cash. You need to take your MSO in to the DMV along with proof of insurance and your checkbook. You should also have an address here in Oregon to register it at. Red sticker/green sticker does not apply in Oregon, only in thr Republik of Kalifornia. :naughty:


Oregon - Not Oregan

ok thanks for your help I am going to go do that this summer.

Thanks for letting me know of my spelling mistakes. I was having one bad day when I posted this.

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