Oil Capacity - XR650L

Hey All,

I have looked high and low trying to find the exact oil capacity for my bike, have always used trial and error (fill, check, fill, check) but would like to know exactly. Bought the bike and the OM was gone, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot! :naughty:

My Honda dealer told me 2.06 quarts with filter change, although I usually have to add more than that.

Just changed mine yest. Manual says 1.95 liters for oil & filter change.


With a filter change, it's about 2 1/4 Quarts - you have to run it a few minutes after you fill it, let it set for a few minutes, make sure the bike is level and dip the the dipstick in but do not screw it in - and read the level.

The oil capacity is between 2 and 2 1/3 quarts depending how you drain the oil. Add 2 quarts, then check.

thanks all.. now I have to convert quarts to litres!!!! :D:naughty:

1Qt = 1.056L ??? I think.... so 2.3L :naughty:

Wish I could be of more help but I'm running a JAGG oil cooler and it added about a qt to the bike. I use about 3.5 qts for and oil and filter change.


Man I would like to see that set up. How do you like the Jagg Oil Cooler?? A big difference???


94 L

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