WR Trouble?

I have a quick question regarding my 2002 WR426F.

I bought the bike new in Jan 2002 and had the YZ timing done,jetting,and added a YZ pipe. All other free mods have been done also. I'm a very

sesoned rider and have rode the bike hard in the Ocotillo Wells/Plaster City

area a ton. I'm one of the so called "freaks" that change oil every 250-350

miles! Gettting ready for the desert this week, I drained the oil and on the

bottom drain plug( which is magnetic) was a large piece of metal! It was

about 3-4 mm long and looked like a quarter of a half-moon. It also

got real skinny and tapered at one end. The motor runs great, as does the

transmission. With my racing days over....I always use the clutch when I

shift. What do you think? Should I just keep riding or tear it down?

Any opinion would be appriecated.



James, did you ever strip out your drainplug and re-tap it or install a recoil (helicoil) kit? :naughty:

Can you post a picture of it?

MMmmm.... the shape of a quarter of a half moon? Could it be a sheared woodruf key? Hope not!

Thanks for replying Dan!

No, The oil drain plug has never been stripped!!

Another way of describing it...... Think of a washer for a 8MM bolt that

only had 25% left!


i had one of those too,exactly as you described. i thought maybe it was just part of the break in (or break'in) process. it was about the 3rd oil change,seems no different for it and that was about a year ago. i've looked closely every change and have yet to see it again. just keep an eye on it,if it happens regularly or you notice a new noise i'd dig a little deeper. :naughty:

:naughty: I knew with all the experience on this site...someone would know!!

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.

Off to the desert I go....

Big chunks of metal on a magnet is never a good news. That means something is self destroying inside the engine. Could be a side race of a bearing going awol or a piece of shifter mecanism.

You say you ride the bike since january 2002, with the tight oil change routines you do , we can't say this is a "part of the break in (or break'in) process".

Anyway I would advise you to have a look inside the engine asap. You are lucky enough to have this warning. The cost of repair will raise quicker when the remaining metal chunks wedge itself between moving parts at 80 mph :naughty:

But you are the judge.

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