Flaking fork tubes two questions???????

Has anyone experienced this? It is happening to both of the outer tubes on my '01 426. I took it in to Race Tech for an overhaul and spring uprade and they said they had never seen it before. The material is actually flaking off. They said it is potentially dangerous as the integrity of the forks is being diminished as the material flakes off and that I need to replace them. $200 bucks each! :naughty:

Second question, as I need to replace these I will probably be looking on Ebay for a better deal. What tubes are compatible with this application. Thanks in advance

Flaking off of where, specifically?

Bad chrome job.

This happened to me on a set of expensive Japaneese Tociko adjustable shocks I bought for my WV GTI. It also happend to me on the rear shock of my DR650 2 weeks after it's 1 yr warranty ran out.

You should be able to replace them with any 46mm tubes from a late model Yamaha.

I have one new spare tube I can sell you for $50 shipped.

It's flaking on the upper gold outer tubes, its not the chrome lowers.

"but thanks for the offer"

My response was to actualy to Grayracer Slappie, I PM'd little about his offer. Relax bud!

The gold color is artificially applied to the aluminum. It may only be the color that's coming off, in which case, it shouldn't be a strength issue.

And no, I've never seen it.

Does the bike sit outdoors a lot?

It is kept indoors. I get the forks back from Race Tech tomorrow. Ill try to post some pics then.

Do you know the answer about what model tubes are interchangeable so I can start shopping on Ebay?


I'm pretty sure the size of the inners and outers were the same from around '98 up until the 48mm fork in '04, but as to the internals and how interchangeable they are, no I don't.

I have mixed and matched many late model YZ forks. The 97 had slightly larger upper tubes. The 97 also has an older style brake mount.

Other than that, mix away. I imagine anything from 98-2003 will work just fine. The internal parts were changed over the years, but they still fit and work just fine.


No problem man.

I was just messing with you. I guess I forgot to put the little smiley face thing. :naughty:

Have the fork tubes ever been in a vice? Perhaps it wasn't padded correctly or something?

Thanks for the reply Slappie, It's funny how things can easily be misinterpreted in a message! :naughty: No it's not like they were in a vice, damn, I wish I had them so I could show you guys. I'm going to try to pick them up by Monday and will get some pics posted.

Thanks guys.

What do you clean your bike with?? maybe you are usuing a harsh chemical cleaner????....its all i could think of....

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