Throttle Response

Hi, help please! I am finding that at low revs when I crack open the throttle the bike for a moment will not do anything.(full throttle- it does not happen at lesser throttle openings) No response from the engine at all! It picks up again quickly but my mates wr doesn't do it. It usually isn't a problem but if you come across an unexpected log and the front wheel doesn't come up....

The bike is stock except for E-Series (5 disks) and no airbox lid ridden at sea level.

Thanks for your help.

clean the acc pump...

the boys on the site here recommend you change the pilot jet in your carb from the 45 to the 48. the pilot screw under the carb, & adjustable externally should be set at 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 turns anti-clockwise from fully in.

you created the problem unwittingly by pulling the airbox lid off. this reduces the drop in air pressure when you wack the throttle open & the lower speed of the air doesn't pick up the fuel as sharply.

we are aboutt to experiment with a different slide cutaway, so watch this space.


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With the #48 pilot jet, the pilot screw range for my '00WR has been from 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns out. I would suggest 1 turn to start with.

Hairy's problem could be lots of things. The description is not clear enough and there is no information on what the current settings are. New problem or new bike? Try searching on jetting and compare to your setup.


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