Anyone install an oil level sight tube?

Sorry if this is posted already, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm just wondering if anyone has added one of these oil sight tubes on the frame of their WR like Mouse McCoy has on his XR650R Mouse McCoy's BRP

I like the idea of this, just wondering if anyone has done it to their Yamaha. Then again, if that tube fails on the trail, you've got yourself a little problem.

I haven't done it on our WR's yet, but I've made and installed these for various bikes including our 650r's. Chances of a failure are pretty slim and I've never had it happen. They're super easy and inexpensive to make yourself. Just find your local hydraulic shop or order two male elbow fittings from a hydraulic company such as Parker. If you don't have a local hydraulic shop, then you can order Parker and other brands of fittings from many online places such as McMaster-Carr (,, etc.

You just use right angle elbow fittings with 1/8 NPT on one end and a compression fitting on the other end. Then drill and tap the frame for 1/8 NPT and screw in the fittings. Then connect teflon tube between the compression fittings. Drill slowly and coat the drill bit with grease which will help catch any filings. You can also grease the tap as well, but take your time and you'll be done before you know it. It's a nice mod and inexpensive if you can do it yourself.

Would you have picture of this set up ?


You can see one on this XR650R by clicking here

You can see the same idea being used on a Dana 300 by clicking here

You'll also see this same kind of sight tube system being used on fuel tanks in travel trailers that have fuel stations.

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