weird oil leak 600r

I have an 88 xr 600 r and it leaks some oil from the base of the clutch release lever on the top of the left side crank case. Any ideas on how to fix it? I believe it is just a worn washer, but can't figure out how to remove the clutch release arm to replace it. Does it require removal of the crankcase cover, or can it be removed without doing all of that? It doesn't mention anything about it in the Clymer manual.

I'm not totally sure if you can't sneak it out, but I would guess that you would have to remove the clutch side cover and remove the the tension off the clutch pushrod to get the arm out. The bummer is that the XR600 does not have a quick change clutch cover, so you have to take off the whole side cover. Give it a shot though, you may be able to remove it just by disconnecting the cable and turning it around, then removing the little bracket and screw that holds it down.

There is an oil seal there. Remove the side cover to pull the clutch arm.

There is a bearing below the seal that should be replaced at the same time as the seal. If the bearing is worn and the shaft moves around it will leak no matter how new the seal is.


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