wr450 throtle stop

is the stop in the carb or throtle

Follow the cables from the throttle to where they enter the carb. It's down and to the left of that area by about 1.5" or so...SC

If your bike is newer than an 03 than your FCR carb will be different than the one on the thumperfaq site(same basic location and design). You can access the throttle stop screw on the newer bikes with nothing more than an allen wrench. Look for a allen screw facing straight up at the far aft end of the carb's right side. It is just aft of the plate that covers the throttle cables. Your best bet is to replace it with the YZ version.

Does the gas tank need to be removed to locate this screw? I checked the area on my 05 WR450 and can't find anything of this nature.

I have removed the snorkle and the exhaust baffle and even found the grey wire to unplug and tape but can't seem to locate the trottle screw/stop.

I want to get all this done at once so I can re-jet and pipe shortly later.

Thanks for assistance.

You do not have to remove the tank, but I did have to unbolt the AIS from the frame to get at it better. (Better yet, get the AIS removel kit). Easiest way to describe it's location is to follow the throttle cable to where it enters the carb (It will be on the right side of the carb). Remove the side plate where these cables enter, and you will see the throttle stop screw on the left side, it comes up from underneath almost vertically. Good Luck. :naughty:

Yes, it's in the carb. Remove the access plate from the side of the carb and you'll see the screw. Space is quite limited so be patient it takes a lot of short turns to get the original out. I ordered an YZ450F screw for mine since it was the right length, gives full throttle rotation without the chance of sticking, $11.68 for the screw. The site below has complete schematics you can zoom in and out on.


It's you're world, I just ride my WR on it!!!!!

Do you have to take the side plate off the carb?

I removed the AIS and found an almost verticle screw that enters the back of the carb. The yamaha tech said it's this one, but you guys say to remove the right side cover.


I can easily get to this one with a 4mm socket on a long extension and air rachet. Should be a quick change if it's the one on the outside.


Yes...I think you have it. You will be able to tell if when you remove it your throttle opens further than it did before.

Do you have to take the side plate off the carb?

No you don't have to remove the cover. You can see the head of the screw and get it out without removing anything else. Getting the AIS out of the way helps speed up the process though.

Just got my new YZ screw in, and now with the Grey wire, and the airbox mods- I am ready to give it a run this week. My service department even ran me a copy of their 05 tech book, that gives a step by step mod list with pictures! they also list the parts numbers for the airpump mod. If you go to your dealer, it is chapter 5-30 for the WR450. I made short, and easy work for the mods- I did them all in less than an hour total. I can't wait to give this bike full throttle at CTOR.

Found it. Also ordered the new screw. I am waiting to do the grey wire until I have the throttle stop.

I did the AIS removal tonight and had already pulled the straw out of the exhaust and the snorkle out of the air box.

It idles better and accellerates better. I like it. Cant wait to take it out on Saturday.

Next week will have the screw and will be ready for some more power.

You will be very pleased with the mods.Just took my 05 out and it now runs like the bike I wanted :D:D:naughty::naughty:

I had a race in Payette, Idaho over the weekend. I practiced on Friday with the throttle stop, I sucked. I barely made it in second gear to the top. Left after a half lap and went to the Yamaha dealer in Ontario, Oregon. Dennis took it off and tuned in the jet. One hell of a difference. should've seen my grin. Next day at race, I flew up the hill in 3rd. What a difference. You guys mentioned the snorkle. What do I do with it and what will it do. I will do grey wire this weekend (isnt it the rev limiter). Let me know

Can you remove the grey wire without having the throttle stop? will this have an adverse effect?


cgrlvr - remove the plastic snorkle from the air box top and more air can flow faster into the bike. If you do this you should also remove the straw in the muffler to get both ends flowing better, if you haven't done this already.

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