450 shootout in May issue of Dirt Bike

There is a very small little restrictor inside the restrictor... strange but true. You have to drill a small rivet then pull it out and stomp on it for being there to begin with.

I also agree about the WR having the most horsepower, especially with an after market pipe. I opened up the air box ( snorkel, right side cutouts ) pulled the gray wire, put in the JD jetting kit, Zip ty fuel screw and added the FMF powercore silencer and my bike was transformed. It went from quick to scary fast. I had a 98 KX 250 that was running 46 horsepower and it would be sickly and anemic compared to my WR as it is now setup.

I also agree the handling is very good. Better than my KX for sure, with the extra weight that is saying a lot. Of course I never rode one before the 05 model so I'm not familiar with the pre 05 handling traits they are talking about. But my 05 feels light and quick steering and absolutely stable at speed.

It's about time they gave the bike it's due!


So the PMB insert that I put in just replaces all of that restrictor (pea shooter) tail pipe. I thought it might be something more down in the middle of the silencer.

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