2004 wr450 kicked back so hard it broke the....

"knowing I was up the perverbial Creek with a fork."

Preverbial creek with a fork? Where the hell did you pull that out of?? Are you talking about up the creek w/o a paddle :naughty::D:naughty:

P.S.--That would be Proverbial FYI :D

Do you have the stock cam installed? I wonder why the auto-decomp mechanism didn't take the bite out of the kick :naughty:

kicking wr450:

cold, use choke

warm, use nothing

hot, use hot start............................

don't kick hard!!!!!

if you are, your doing something wrong .,,,............ :naughty: i see guys hammering on there kickstart all the time. I'm skinny and have a fu-ked right knee, on flat ground i can start it first kick most of the time. cold, warm, or hot.

rejet and resist the throttle!!! good luck. and just buy the new case if you bust it. welding something like that isn't worth it unless your friend can do it for free for show off reasons :naughty:

Yeah I Learned My Lesson About Twisting The Throttle While Trying To Kick It Over....i Have Been Told That The Battery That Comes On The Bike And All Other Aftermarket Replacement Batteries Are Crap, And That You Should Just Kick Start A Cold Engine, Then After Riding If You Stall It Or Something Just Use The Elect. The The Battery Stays Hot While Riding.....i Found A Battery From Auto Zone That Will Fit And Is A Sealed Battery With Double The Cold Cranking Amps...thinking Of Replacing It With That Battery???????

i had the same problem when i had a 02 klx300 that was a big hunk of junk i had it for 3 weeks

My brother has a 2003 YZ450 and he broke the case on the left side just as you are describing. He was kicking and kicking and couldn't get his bike started. I know he wasn't twisting the throttle. He eventually got the bike started and rode around in the parking lot. I ran after him and stopped him when I noticed a piece of his case sitting on the ground. It cost him $1200 to fix it.

My 04' WR450 is a bear to crank in the mornings as well and I have run the batter dead trying, but never had too much trouble with kick starter so long as I pulled the compression release. My bike ran very lean when new. My brother bought an 04' at the same time and his bike ran much differently than mine and started easier. I adjusted the fuel mix just a tad to richin' it up a bit and it cranks much better most of the time. I've also found rolling it into the sun for about a half hour helps a ton. Good Luck!

I didn't realize the '04 wr450's had a manual compression release. My '04 YZ450 sure doesn't...


I didn't realize the '04 wr450's had a manual compression release. My '04 YZ450 sure doesn't...


They don't :D some people think it is :D but it's a hot start lever :D

The $1200.00 is about what they quoted me to fix it.

Don't know about the 450's, but my 98 WR400 has the word "MAGNESIUM" stamped on the crankcase cover. My friend knocked a hole in his 98 wr400's crankcase cover hitting a rock, and I fixed it with JB Weld. 3 months later, and no leaks!! Make sure to clean the area good; I used a Dremel with a sanding bit. JB Weld is the greatest stuff made for patching things up and getting you back on the trails! :naughty:

MG will burn when machined or welded given the right conditions. The fire can not be put out with water or CO2. Special powder is used. It will weld but good luck finding a shop that will do it. I think the case is AL also.

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