650R battery

Just tried to add a battery to my BRP. Ground to frame and power into the main charge wire. everything worked great headlight, signal lights, etc. Then i started the bike and everything went dim :naughty: ! didn't want to hurt anything so i removed the battery. i do remember having a problem similar to this on my yz426f with my baja kit and my E-line charging coil, there was a ground wire i had to disconnect to make everything work but on my BRP it has its own coil so i am stumped :naughty:


Did you replace the regulator (AC output) with a rectifier/regulator (DC output)?

NP is right, you have an AC lighting system. Your light doesn't care if it's powered by AC from the alternator, or DC from a battery, but mixing the two is a BAD IDEA. A rectifier will convert the AC to DC to charge your battery. It sounds like you could use some guidance from BAJA Designs or other knowledgeable source to change over the system. It aint that complicated but you could fry your electrics just messin around.

I did have to order a voltage regulator for my YZ it was just a small box that grounded to the frame and let the power through it. Is that what i need? I know a Baja or Electrics kit is the answer but they are very heavy and prone to problems in the trail. so building my own lets me use more generic and lighter parts from a local bike shop not to mention it looks waaaaaayyyyy better.


Also where is the best place to put a regulator? on my last bike they just told me to put it anywhere in-line with power. :naughty:

You can buy a rectifier/regulator separately from Baja Designs and it will fit in the same space as the regulator it replaces with a little finessing. :naughty:


Dual Sport Kit, Regulator XR650R 49.00/EACH

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