triple clamp

I'm considering moving my bars forward. What triple clamp is everyone liking for the 650 R?

Applied makes a nice top clamp....... :naughty:

So do Billet racing products......

Applied and :naughty:

I am also running the Billet Racing Products (BRP) triple clamp and like it a lot.

They also threw in a new BRP hat for free when I bought my stabilizer and some stuff from them. Great company to do business with. I was real pleased with the way I was treated.

I followed your link...damn, thats a pretty fair looking fork brace, and a good price, too

They are only about an hour away from me. I may just drive down next week and pick both up. Ron said it's $15 off if you buy both. Here's the email he sent me.

"There are 2 mounting holes on the triple. This allows the bar mounts to

have 4 mounting positions. The bar mount bottoms are offset to allow them

to swivel 180 deg. The bar height is 2.00" from the top of the clamp to the

center of the bars" Does this sound like it would be enough to improve the riding position for someone over 6'3?

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