Wr450 Usa Vs European

This Has To Do With A Jetting Question. Correct Me If I Am Wrong, But The Main Difference Between An Usa And A European Model Are The Throttle Stop Screw And The Gray Wire. Where We Have To Do These Mods Ourself, The European Bikes Already Come "modified"....while Going Through My "service Manual" I Came To "carburetor-maintenance Specifications"....none Of The Jet#'s Are The Same ...main Jet #165vs#160..pilot Jet #45vs#48...leak Jet #60vs#50...so If We Do The Free Mods Ourself And Want To Re-jet The Carb Couldn't You Just Go With The Europe,canada,aus.,new Zealand, Specs.???? The Only Major Part Difference I See Is With The Jet Needle-clip Position Usa Part#obdwr-4 European Part#obduq-4. Am I Missing Something Or Could You Use These Jet#'s And Have It Right???? Oh Yeah Pilot Screw 1-3/4 Vs 1-1/2 Turns.......i Don't Know....but Have Been Thinking About It For Some Time And Thought Someone Out There Will Know!

The USA model is jetted leaner than everywhere else. Guess it has to do with emission standards here. The Canadian specs are a good place to start. Look at the sticky thread at the top of the page to guide you in the right direction. Indy's chart (in the thread) will get you very close to where you need to be.

The 05 Canadian model is the same as the 05 U.S. model. It is all because of Californian emssions :naughty:

The 05 Canadian model is the same as the 05 U.S. model. It is all because of Californian emssions :naughty:

That applies only to the 05, prior, the Canadian/Aussie/New Zealand/ZA models didnt have any power restrictions.

jets are just brass chunks that thread in to your carb, you can get them anywhere cheap. the "heart" of your FCR carb is the needle!!!!!!!!. the best one i have found came in the JD jet kit. the "blue" one works well, worked much better for me then both the "Yamaha" needles you listed.

i got my JD kit form the TT store.


yeah those damn californians.

yeah those damn californians.

They ruin it for everyone else. When are they going to toss those liberasl out of there :naughty::naughty:

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