coolent out the weep hole in bottom of motor

Any body had coolent come out the weep hole under the water pump on their 450. im geussin my water pump shaft or the seals r bad. any one got any ideas?? :naughty:

It's very common. The seal and or the shaft is probably bad. I've replaced mine 2ce in 5 years.

2 in 5 years? Be sure you replace the bearing also there. That is most likely the cause of 2 seal failures.

Also swap to the dexcool antifreeze. It contains NO silicates like the green stuff. The silicates leave deposits that can eat at the seals.

I replaced the bearing once. :naughty:

How cold can Dexcool get? I ride cold and have tried a lot of coolants. Polaris -52 premix is the only one that doesn't turn to toothpaste overnight so that's what I run.

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