450 Breaking UP

Racing a HS race this past weekend on a track that was 15 miles long my bike would run fine until I had to ride up a CREEK. After I rode through the creek my bike started breaking up when I got on the gas. After about a couple of miles it would clear up. Next lap I came around to the same creek and tried to go slower through the creek and same thing started happening. After about 3 miles it started running fine again. This happened every time I went throught the creek. The rest of the track was completely dry. I have never had this happen to my bike before. I have a 04 YZF450, what could be some of the problem areas that I should look for??

water going into the rads like that is not exactly good

Maybe water getting into the airbox. My WR came with a rubber flap to be installed when the bike is run in wet conditions. Now and then my bike would do the same thing running slow through deep water, run rough and have to rev to keep running, but would clear up after a few minutes. Running fast through water I wouldn't get the problem.

Water is getting somewhere. The most common places that I can think of would be electrical harneses, carburetor vents (do you have T's in your vents and run one end up under the tank or into the airbox?), possibly over top of the airbox.

It's gotta have something to do with speed. When I was doing a bit of water skipping, I made 20-30 runs in a row across this pond without as much as a stutter, completely stock carb vent hoses and no rubber wet conditions flap. And there was plenty of water.If I drive slow through a lot less water it seems to get wet. :naughty:

I know I beat these water pictures to death but I'm gettin' old and it's all I got. :naughty:

Those pictures are excellent (no matter how old you are). How's the snow up there? When will you see dirt again.

Those pictures are excellent (no matter how old you are). How's the snow up there? When will you see dirt again.

This was me yesterday. I'll start to see dirt in June but the snow won't be completely gone until July.

We have plenty and it's still coming. I took these pics 1 2 3 4 a few days ago. Snow is putting a lot of structural pressure on this 2 story condo unit. A crew has been working for days trying to clear the snow and it has to be trucked away since there's no place to put it.

On the left side of your bike just underneath the magneto cover there is a black hose that connects to the top of your cylinder. This is a breather pipe. Relocate the hose into your airbox by passing it under the tank and seat.

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