Primary drive sprockets?

Has anyone tried these? I don't expect them to last like Ironman but just how long do they last? :naughty:

I have them on my XR600, using the Primary Drive X-Ring chain as far absolutely no wear and I've put over 500 dirt miles on them. I had to adjust the chain after the first ride, but that's it. So far a great bargain for about $60 for both sprockets and chain.

Another TTer had a bad problem with a Primary Drive chain, but it was not their X-Ring version.

So far so good.

Hope this helps.

The primary drive sprocket are ok, but their chains are questionable.

I think their X-ring chain is very good ... one previous poster had a Primary Drive cheaper version chain break (he blamed the sprocket, but it seemed obvious to me, the chain broke first, wadded up, and naturally broke the countershaft sprocket) ... but, I can break ANYTHING, and I am confident with my Primary Drive chain and both sprockets .. so far, lol ... :naughty:

I have a Primary Drive rear sprocket and Ironman front. They both look about the same as far as wear. For the money you can't beat Primary Drive sprockets.

Thanks guys. I think I'll go with the Primary Drive sprockets and DID X Ring chain.

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