00 426 for a 02 CRF450

I dont like yamaha's even though I have one, and my next bike will be either a CR500 or KTM 380 E/XC, depending on how much my shoulder can heal in 2-3 months. I would prefer a Honda over any other brand, I would say second best out of the big brands is KTM, then Yamaha. Honda has the best aftermarket following. Ride the red bike! (If you want to). :D

You Say... "and my next bike will be either a CR500 or KTM 380 E/XC,"

I say :naughty::naughty: You are funny...and make me laugh....I hope you have a good job and make good money to pay for all the parts and maintenance you will need for your KTM 380. Also, my recommendation, if your shoulder is hurt, stay away from the CR500. Not a real comparable bike to your WR...

yea i must say the yz is the way to go.....i am comming off honda's...thats all i ever owned but yamaha has got to have the most beautiful 4 stroke i have ever seen. The stock exhaust sounds fantastic and the power it delivers is just great. I am about to get myself a yzF450 and i cannot wait to go out to oklahoma and ride the red river trails. They are great. There were so many bikes out there mostly 4 strokes and Guess what there was the most of........YZF450's and YZF250's, they are just a fantastic bike.

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