XR650L Fender Replacement?

Well the performance Mods are all done and it couldn't have turned out better. Now it's time for the rest. I've already started with the seat, Corbin and so far, I love it. Next is the tank, got calls into both Clarke and Acebris. My question is Fenders. I'd like to replace both with something more ................. whats the word??? I don't know but they just don't look right,.... know what I mean? I'm looking for them is white and any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks all,


XR 400 front fenders looks good on a 650L.

Can be bought anywhere.


I'm running an Arrebis universal dual sport rear fender light combo. Looks good and works well. It is not a direct bolt on though. a little cutting and drilling on the new fender is required, but the results are good. Mine is white also.


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