Factory Connection Rebuild any Good?

Anyone out there had Factory connection rebuild and set up their suspension?

I'm hearing good and bad things about them, and was looking to hear from someone that has had done and what they thought of their work. :naughty:

I jsut ordered some parts from them, good exp. Havnt had anylwork done though.Sorry.

I got forks and shock rebuilt by them and am very happy with the work. It's a much smoother ride than stock when you can dial in your suspension to fit your needs. Suspension is key to going fast and absorbing big air. Worth the money if you ride alot or want or improve. I've had race tech and pro action before as well and they are all going to help you to contol the bike better at faster speeds and rough sections. If you want to save a few bucks just get the forks revalved and not the shock.

If you are in Socal save yourself some cash on shiping and take your suspension to racetech in Corona. I had my suspension done by them and it was like night and day. I didn't have any problems and my suspension was completed ahead of schedule. Just a thought.

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