Best price on a Z-start?

I need to find one in stock at a reasonable price. Unless someone has a used auto clutch for sale for an xr650r (any brand)

I have a Revloc in my CRF and love it, but their prices offend me. On the z-start, does anyone know if you can still use the clutch lever without buying the $95.00 external adjuster? I don't have a problem changing shims and balls to set it up, but I do prefer clutching when shifting. Ok I'm a cheapskate too.

Thanks Doug

You have to have the clutch perch option if you want your clutch lever, otherwise you're left to clutchless shifting only. You may want to try the TT store and check their price.


I didn't think to check the TT store, their price is as good as anywhere. I wish I knew for sure it was in stock though?

I havent seen a rekluse clutch yet, but isn't that clutch adjuster just a fancy external spring device that holds tension on the cable to varying degrees to alter the clutch engagement RPM? I presume it just pushes on the pressure plate through the clutch release mechanism. That worries me because it puts the throwout needle bearing under constant load??

It should also be possible to retain the clutch lever without having the spring preload device but you won't have adjustment over the engagement RPM ubless you go inside?

Yep, the adjuster is just a fancy external spring device that holds a specific amount of tension. You get two different springs with the adjuster that have different tensions. The z-start comes with a special needle thrust bearing and I've been warry of it, but so far mine has been holding up OK. You can download the manual and see more details about it at this link...

Also, don't forget the z-start comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you buy it, then plan to put it to use right away and check it out to make sure its going to be something you want to keep or send back. My guess is the TT store probably doesn't stock this, but call them on Monday when they're open just to be sure. Based on past orders I've had with the TT store for various products, the product will probably ship directly from the source which is Rekluse in this case and the TT store can comfirm that with you.

I didn't realize the TT store had a phone number, I'll call Monday. Thanks for the download link, its all clear now. I'm a bike mechanic from way back and have seen toasted throwout bearings from inadequate cable free play which produces exactly the same loads we see here. I guess as long as lubrication is good, and its checked often it should work, I would like to see an oversize bearing though.

The external cable spring thingy just seems pricey and the engagement RPM could be set by changing the internal spring or ball weights like a Revloc. I can only suspect the Rekluse engagement point must drift as the clutch stack up wears so it needs this?? Possibly its just easier to supply an adjuster than explain how to tune the clutch?

The funny thing is that adding a simple spring alongside the cable and connected to the clutch arm would do the same job. Its the same concept they use when no cable is used and would just require another bracket for the threaded spring anchor.

The clutch itself seems like a good value, but the adjuster looks expensive by comparison. Some people would prefer to spend $90 for a handlebar adjuster, but us regular people could make do with a $3.00 spring.

Anyway thanks for your help. I can justify the purchase without the adjuster and either tune it internally to avoid loading the thrust washer. or use the simple spring and make a bracket for the anchor.

We have never had a report of a throwout bearing failure. The needle bearing we use is rated for something like 6000 pounds of dynamic load at 10,000 RPM.

Make yourself a little bracket to hold our basic external adjuster out of aluminum (two holes in a small strip of aluminum). Then you can run the basic external adjuster alongside the stock cable. You will have a floppy lever at idle.

There is a dealer selling them on E-Bay for the best price I have found to date from a dealer.

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