chain wear on sub-frame

Anyone ever noticed if their chain has contacted the inner portion of the aluminum sub-frame above the chain? :naughty::naughty:

Yep. It's something of a design flaw. All the WR's have it. There isn't a whole lot you can do other than rig some sort of protection like an extra piece of aluminum, inner tube or similar fix...SC

Yeah. I got it too. Only 10 hours on the bike. Like Steve says not much you can do. If any has any ideas or pictures of fixes it would help a lot of us out

weld a piece of 1/8 inch aluminum to the inner side of the subframe that gets rubbed by the chain, make the aluminum piece as long as the part of the sub-frame that can be touched by the chain.

is anyone using the tm designworks chain slider to fix this problem? i know i've seen the post about putting foam & silicon but i just figured this would look if not work better

I use that TM chain slider...seems to fix the problem so far. It is a thick heavy duty unit that doesn't move or use any of the factory bolts/nut-washer-thingy. :naughty:

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