XR650L turn signal problems

I recently decided to switch my stock turn signals with the Baja Designs turn signals. I like them because they use less wattage (only 10 Watt Bulbs compaired to 23 watt stock) and they are smaller. After I installed them I found that the signals wouldn't blink. They would just turn on. I called the dealer to see what they would say about the problem, and I was told to replace the flasher relay. It was $43. Instead I went down to the local auto parts store and paid $1.89 for a thermal flasher that works perfect. For some reason the stock flasher relay wouldn't work with the lower watt bulbs, does anyone know why?

The new bulbs didn't draw enough current to trip the flasher.

The only flashing relays that are not affected by the bulb size/wattage are the pure electronic ones. Any thermal flasher will change the timing depending on load. They are designed for a certain load.

watt = volt * amp

Your voltage stays the same, so less watt results in less amps...

The more watt you have, the more current and heat is produce in the thermal flasher causing it to switch faster. Less wattage results in slower flashing rate up to no flashing at all if its just not enough.


A thermal flasher is very basic. It is basically two strips of different metal pressed together, with a current carrying wire wrapped around it to heat it up. When you turn your blinker switch on (in either direction) the current from the battery is allowed to connect from the lights through the wire that is wrapped around that bi-metal strrip in the blinker relay and back to the battery.

The bi-metal strip heats up and expands on one side more than on the other when there is sufficient current to heat it up. Which is why conventional bi-metal relays cease to work properly when too many, or too few amperes are passing through.

When the bi-metal struip heats up, the metal on one side expands, the bi-metal strip bends and breaks the connection that it has on it's lose end with the rest of the circuit.

I replaced all of the blinker relays in my dual-sports with electronic relays. I did this becasue the electronic ones are not affacetd by different bulb voltages, or missing bulbs.. The electronic relay will work even if it is making a 1 watt bulb blink.

You should take a blinker relay apart and see for yourself.. It is extremely simple.

Thanks for the replys!!! Can i find the electronic relay at my local auto parts store?

I got my electronic flashers at Autozone. I've seen the same ones at Kragen.

Thanks for the information, I will get a Electronic Flasher also.

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