Rear footpegs for less than $10...see photo`s..

Buy them at any bicycle shop...they`re the stunt pegs that go onto BMX axles.....all you need is and extension bar for your ratchet and use the existing the case of the left hand peg,keep the chain roller on as it takes on the job as being a spacer(I was able to use the existing bolt).....They may look a bit high but are`nt really a problem at this height for my wife and 10 year old son.....I take 4 or 5 minutes and put them on when I`m taking them out so its not a big problem for me....and aslo they don`t fold....

Works for me...... :naughty:






Cool ! I wish I had a 650 . I gotta check my 600 for same set up . What rear tire is that ? Looks wide , DOT ?

That's pretty cool!

Have you gone down with these on? I wonder how they hold up/if they bend or snap off. They've got some dirt on them in the pics but I can't tell if it's because of a scrub.

Looking at them they do remind me of the frame sliders on sportbikes.

Excellent job in seeing the potential of the BMX pegs. Thanks for the pics. :naughty: I am going to get a set off an old bike that is no longer being used for tricks.

The tyre is a Dunlop Enduro D907......140x80x18........road legal.....

The pegs are just dirty from lying around...I don`t have them on when off road and luckily I have`nt taken a dive with them on road....yet.... :naughty:

Dont they get in the way when kick starting?

No...they don`t get in the way when kickstarting....though you do have to keep you knee out some to aviod a scrape or a ding!!.... :naughty:

Dont they get in the way when kick starting?

that was the first thing i thought of also :naughty: i have the BD pegs and i have to start the bike with the right one up or my leg will make contact. :naughty:



KB that's pretty close!

Yeah just have to bend your leg out a wee bit or lean the bike over to the left.....its actually better if you stand up on the bike,on the side stand,as its inclined over that little bit more...but for `10 bucks` as you guys say I didn`t think it was too bad...!!!

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