03 Yz450f

I might be trading my 04 KX250F for an 03 YZ450F so I wanted to find some things out before I get one. I've rode an 05 YZ450f and liked it a lot, did they changed much from 03 to 05 or do they run close to the same? Another thing are there any known problems with these bikes or this particular year I should know about or are they holding up pretty good? I would appreciate any help or info on this bike. I've never heard a bad thing about these bikes and from what I know the reliabilty is great but I'd just like to make sure.

They are bullet proof when it comes to dependability, take care of it and you will have no real problems. Hopefully the previous owner was good to the bike. The 03' has a major hit in the excelleration compared to the 05'. Other than that you should be happy with it. :naughty:

I have never had a problem what so ever. Owned it for well over a year. I do all the maintenance to it and change the oil regularly.

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