Good place to look for a used WR450F engine?

I need to replace my 03 DS/SM WR450 engine because mine went BOOOOM @ 90mph on the highway :naughty: . It ventilated the cases bad enough that I could put my hand inside the engine in front of the crankshaft. Replacement parts from Yamaha are looking to cost around $2950.

Sooooo.... I'm looking for a used engine to put in there. I don't mind if it's a newer engine (04-05) I just need something a lot more reasonable pricewise. If I can't find a reasonable source for a replacement engine then I'll most likely be looking for a complete used WR450 for parts. I'm open to any suggestions here besides stop riding WFO in traffic on the highway :naughty: .

Email me at gomopar440@hotmail


I'd keep an eye out on ebay. I have seen 400, 426 engines etc. If you have a little bit of time, one will show up. You just have to be patient and keep checking back.

Any idea what they should go for on ebay? I saw a YZ450 engine on there not long ago for $2499 with a Buy it now of $2699. It didn't sell and didn't even get one bid. I'd like to think that means they should be selling for less than that...I hope.

There is a complete 426 engine on there now. Its now at $900. I have seen almost new low mile engines go for close to $1800. But be careful, if you see all the parts on there for a complete bike from the same seller, everything EXCEPT the frame, suspect its stolen. I have seen this all too often, stolen bikes parted out on ebay. If they list the frame with MSO or title, then your OK. :naughty:

If you have the time, i think you would lose less money parting out your existing bike and buying a working one.

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