Installed TeraFlex and 14/48 Sunstars...need help

Hey fellers...sappenin?

I just spent a few hours on Sat morn' installing a new TeraFlex monster tire and changing my gearing to a set of Sunstar 14/48 steel sprockets. Everything went very well, modified the chain guard by trimming along the top and grinding the inner mount off swingarm. Set tension on chain and lubed, etc.

Upon a short test drive 6mi or so I notice the clutch seems to slip or just not grab as much as did before swap. If you take off from a stop it kinda drags...and it makes me think because of the bigger tire or gears its in need of clutch adjustment. Its not noticeable unless under heavy accelerating or popping clutch to launch.

Knowing others have ran these combos and may have dealt with this, I wanted to pick a few brains. I will wait for some replies and adjust it out Sunday morn. and do whatever else may be strongly suggested.

My bike only has 1300mi so I cant imagine a bad clutch. I have put all mi past 600, and its been perfect until after swap.

Would post a few pics if I knew that HTML tags to do so...forgot how.

thanks in advance for any help

*ps* Bike is a 2003 XR650L (BRP in the making!)


I have not experienced this problem with the Teraflex on the 650R.

Does you rear tire spin without drag? Did you use a torque wrench when you tightened the rear axle nut (overtightened)?

This tire provides phenomenal grip so you may be experiencing less wheel spin in dirt. You could always pull your clutch pack and look for glazing of the fiber plates. May be time for new plates and you could add some heavy duty springs.

I spun the tire on the stand and it was free and spun fast. I just cant imagine the clutch needing work since it was perfect before tire change and only 1300 mi. I am gonna check it out today and hopefully see what gives. Havent ridden on dirt yet to test tire or clutch.

Justice, if you mean on the street, the tire needs to temper for a few-25 miles. Until then its a little greasy on the street.

Also, those knobs flex like mad under accel- it takes a little getting used to.


whew...see I knew Big Dave would have an answer !

I feel better knowing it isnt a clutch type issue. And it makes sense that it being new would be kinda soft and seem to slip. I am gonna go play in the dirt next weekend and see how it feels throwing some rocks...stand clear.

thx Dave !

warn your buddies not to ride too close...


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