Rear End (Bike)suspension settings

After adjusting rebound on the shock 05'450( Like turning it all the way soft) I can't seem to get the back end of my 450 to track straight going thru the whoops,(left right left right) any one here got ideas to help before I break down and send it off to be revalved adding even more $$ to my new toy. :naughty:

You really haven't given enough info here. Have you replaced the spring? Is the sag set properly? There's more to tuning your suspension than just turning a few screws. :naughty:

I have noticed a loss of rear stability with soft rebound settings on my 05. 6 clicks from full soft had me skipping around exiting corners especially if there were any small ruts. 8 clicks out seems to work better for me.

Sorry for that, Stock spring, sag is set, just can't seem to get it to stay straight, turning comp.soft has helped. My weight is 190 with gear and can't seem to get it right.Any suggestions and knowledge would be grateful at the least. Had some buddy's suggest softer spring and a re-valve, but want to try some options before that. thanks-- :naughty:

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