Removing headlight from WR250F.

Hi,I want to YZ my WR & there is heaps about doing it BUT Can anybody tell me what is the BEST way to remove the headlight from the WR so that you can run a YZ numberplate.Can you unplug the on/off switch? or just move it to another place?? Also I've got a 04 WR I guess that you have to run 04/05 numberplate/Rear fender plastic?? I've looked for info on TT but have not found any information on any forums about doing this. :naughty:

YZ plastic goes right on. Some very minor dremel work needed on the rear fender. It is very easy. I just un-bolted my WR number plate and put a YZ plate on the front. There have been many good sugestions on how to best do this. I just used the empty bolt holes on the bottom, ran my brake line outside (like they do on a YZ) by removing the upper brake line "retainer". I then just use a cable tie to hold her in place. I didnt move my ignition botton, just worked around it. Get the parts and go to work, it will just fall into place. Good luck. :naughty:

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