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Hey guys, I've stopped lurking because I just bought an '04 WR450 :naughty: . Well almost, waiting for the title.

Thats my question: what does the WR have for a title? I know if it's plated it has a regular DMV title, but what if it's not plated? My ATV doesn't have one and I imagine an ATV is similar to a dirt bike without a plate.



Everything in my state has a title. It will just say off road on it. Of course, one can opt to never title a new bike if its going to be raced only. But hang on to the MSO if you want to sell it along with the original selling dealers sales slip.

Roger, your bike should have an offroad title. I don't know how it works in CO but I'm sure you must have an offroad sticker and title that goes with it..

Roger, your bike should have an offroad title. I don't know how it works in CO but I'm sure you must have an offroad sticker and title that goes with it..

Not every place is as over regulated as California. Believe it or not, some states don't require registration, title, sticker or anything for off highway vehicles. I checked Colorado's Motor Vehicles website and found no mention of OHV's whatsoever. There must be some way to "legalize" ownership of an OHV though, check with the motor vehicles dept. to be sure. Sooner or later they'll find a way use your OHV to pick your pocket. You will be assimilated, resistance is futile... :naughty:

OK Kilt Lifter here's the deal in CO. If you bought it new; it will come with an MSO which is the acronym for Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. It will say right on it that it is an off road vehicle. If you're buying it used and someone already titled it you would probably already have the title in hand.

One of our brilliant lawmakers tried for a shameless monygrab this session and wanted to title all of the bikes, quads and sleds and hijack the $ to CDOT instead of the way our offroad sticker funds are currently used. Bad plan. I fear it will be another of those "Phoenix" bills doomed to rise from its own ashes every year.

Currently you can title your scoot in CO if you so desire. Check the CO DMV website for the required equipment list and the affadavit. Oh, and if you choose to title it; have your sales tax receipt in hand or be prepared to pay sales tax again!

I bought my '05 about a month ago, and i just got my title in the mail two days ago.

The dealer applied for a title for my 04 but its not mandatory in IL. I figured it'd be easier to sell it or move it out of state in the future so I didnt object when he started filling out the form.

Yeah, I snuck (sneaked?) a SV650S in from Canada back in 2000 (before you could get one here) and had fun getting the MSO from Suzuki USA. They were a bit peeved about people bringing in Canadian bikes to the states. I figure folks like me really helped Suzuki realize they needed to sell the S model here.

I'm not sure I'll plate it here (at least right away) so the MSO isn't a big thing to me. The "offroad sticker" registration like on my quad, is more important (and probably more revealing) than the MSO to me.

Thanks for your input guys,


I'm in the same boat with my WR. It can be done, here's what you need to do:

Go to the CO DMV website and search for forms:


DR 2087 (VIN Verification - any dealer will do this for free & provide the form)

DR 2686 (Cert of Equipment Compliance - just fill it out & sign to acknowledge that your bike complies with the minimum requirements)

If you bring these in to a DMV office with the MSO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin) and the bill of sale from the person you purchsed it from they can complete the paperwork and apply for a street legal title on the bike.

This is what I was told by a person in Larimer County. I'm in Longmont but couldn't find any useful info on titling a dirtbike on their website. Regardless, I'll try to register in Longmont, and if they shoot me down, I'll take a spin up to Ft. Collins and get them to issue me a title.

Let me know how it goes if you get around to doing it. I've got all my paperwork, just need to make the time to go to the DMV & see what happens.

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