Good news/ Bad news bike isn't fouling plugs anymore...YEE HAW!!!! Thanks very much for the help guys...mainly Clark & James.(Still waiting on the DVP, Clark) Blue Betty is running like a champ now. Can't seem to stop riding. Now here is the bad news my buddy/boss split his knee cap and the bone below it yesterday..yee ouch!!! We were racing down this fire control road 5th gear, balls out. When we flew over this hill, the road went left he went straight nosed her into 5 foot ditch, slammed his knee into a rock. We were only 5 minutes into the ride. Luckily so, because I wouldn't have got his 2wd truck back in there any further than where he wrecked. He is out for 6-8 weeks.

And now I'm ready to go buy those knee pads I've been talking about... :)

He WAS wearing knee pads. They were the Thors' though...Buy GOOD PROTECTION there is a lesson here kids. Or just ride slow... Oh yeah almost forgot this one too..I was riding back from a ride today (I had to finish the one we started yesterday. Found some awesome single track.) I was almost taken out buy some guy talking on a cell phone today. I was sitting at a light the light turns green I go. he was at the cross street he jumps out in front of all us proceeds to push me into on coming traffic. luckily the on coming traffic saw what was happening they stopped I have the bike fully locked up and sliding trying not to slam into the side of him or a hood of the car NOW in front of me. He is still going I am yelling and reving the engine. I get the bike stopped, pull out around him. So I turn around find him at ACE hardware and proceed to bitch him out. He tells me he is good driver...I'm like NO your NOT! I had the right of way YOU had the RED LIGHT you didn't even see me flipping you off!!! He tells me again he is a good driver...I yell at him "WITH A F%%%KING CELL PHONE IN YOU HANDS WHILE DRIVING! LOOK WHERE YOU ARE DRIVING DUMB ASS!" He tells me he is having a bad day. I told him it is going to get a lot worse! There was a group gathering while I was bitchin' this &%$#@! out. They were agreeing with me. I almost punched his teeth in..BUT I retsrained from doing that..don't wanna get sued... TO HELL WITH CELL PHONES. I even have one BUT I don't use while I drive. HEll the damn thing doesn't even work in the back country where I really need it....AHH I am better now...Had to vent..

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Get a load of this. A guy I work with was out riding a local track here in No. Nevada on Saturday. All was going well until about the 4th lap. There is a good sized uphill then you make a little over a 90 degree turn then a blind jump going back down the hill. So up the hill he comes and he is really after it, rails the corner hits 4th pins it, Over the jump he goes and HOLY CRAP there is some guy with his girlfriend on the back of his bike just cruisin' across the track. KABLAM he lands on the back of their bike, where the seat and rear fender meet just barely missing her. The couple get a little bruised up but nothing bad. My buddy is screwed up,broken shoulder, broken elbow and roughly 30 stiches from wrist to elbow. It's not like he was the only on there either. There were a least 35 other people there too. Hell, it even made news here. It's about the 3rd or 4th major wreck on dirtbikes in this area.

Well. &%$#@!

note to self......when going balls out on a fire road coming over a blind to either slow down or know for certain where the road goes.

Sorry about your buddy.  Easy to get a bit excited and overconfident esp early in a ride.


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