Edelbrock vs Mikuni TM40

What's the wisdom of Mikuni vs. Edelbrock for the XR650R. I have a Big Gun full exhaust, and that's for a street supermoto application.


Have you tried a search for the challenge...... :D

I do know the Edelbrock is it for me........ :naughty::naughty:

I have ran them both on the XR650R and a 680cc XR650R. The Mikuni is way more tunable. That makes it way smoother every where but, makes it harder to tune. The Edlebrock has a soft spot down low that you can make smoother going a little ritch with some setups but, there is nothing easier to tune then the Edelbrock. I have two Edelbrocks and they are both bored over. The Edelbrock as you buy it is 36mm X 42mm but, can be bored over to 40mm X 42mm. Stock Kehin is just over 40mm as is the Mikuni TM40. The mikuni is a better carburetor. I have had the Edelbrock float stick now four times on my bikes and twice on others. It seems to be from having fuel in them when being trailered. I haven't had it happen when out riding like others have. Some get bent and tink other don't know what they are talking about if they say something negitive about the Edelbrock but, it has issues. Like Jasen and Chris said, "it wasn't ment to be a race carburetor but, a carburetor that was easy to tune and that could be ran at any altitude. It's the best at that. I think it works great till the float sticks.

EdelBrock & Mikuni Dyno Charts Click Here: :naughty:

All About the XR650R Click Here: :naughty:

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