Xr 650L Dual sport tires

Hello I'm looking for some recommendations on a good set of dual sport tires.I'll be riding 80-90% street so I would like a tire that is better on the street but on occasion hit a dirt road here and there.

Dunlop 606

I would say the Dunlop as well, I just put on the Teraflex but its mostly for dirt, sand and rocks.


Try a set of IRC GP110's--They have all the street performance you can ride(they are AWESOME)and their suprisely a very good DRY dirt tire. Also very quite,durable(3k-5k miles approx),and give great gas milage. Hope this helps--Good Riden

I've got the D606 front and rear. While I would say the rear works great for me on and off road the front sucks on the road. Everything past 55mph and my front starts slinging. Interstate 65+ and it gets too scary for me :naughty:


I have a Pirelli MT 40 rear on my XR650L. Haven't had any problems with it, mostly driving on the street with some light off road riding in between. I was wondering what others thought of this tire as there is very little mention of it online.

I've got some Kendra 270's that are like new for sale. They are perfect for what you're looking for. I ended up going with a set of supermoto rims/tires for my street riding, so i no longer have the need for dual sport tires. Let me know if youre interested.

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