How Does that Krylon Spray Paint work?¿?

i was wondering how that krlon spray paint for plastic work?B/c i was thinkin about doin it to my front fender does it chip off? will it look like crap?

Thanks for your help

Why don't you just get some and try it, post pics, etc. and let us all know!

I used it on my side panels and yes it does scratch of pretty easy but it was super easy to touch up. If it was me I would just buy a black fender you are looking at under 20 bucks and the Krylon plastic paint is right around 7 bucks a can.

I painted my handguards with it, it looks great. It will come off it you hit it, but its so easy to just put another coat on you don't really care.

would it work better if i got some like primer put that down first the the black spray paint? Do they make front and rear black fenders for a ttr125?

Prep is EVERYTHING with paint. Rough up the plastic so it has something to grab onto.

Yeh, black fenders and sidepanels are cheap.

And the gas tank is $250......................

Comes off too easy. Not worth it, IMHO.

Got to eBay and get one for 10 bucks.

mindblower they make black fenders and side panels for a ttr125?

Ohh i want black plastic for my tt!

spray paint falls off too easy, flex the plastic and it will come right off. buy the black plastics and save yourself money in the long run.

Buy the plastic...

Here is a pic of my bike:


I use the white Krylon fusion paint.

If you prep the plastic right, the paint will look like brand new plastic. It takes some patience, but if you prep it with 400 grit sand paper and shoot about 3 coats (with ample dry time in between), the plastic looks like brand new.

My side plates, disc cover, lower fork guards, and front number plate are all white....probably about 70.00 worth of plastic. I get a can of fusion (about 5 bucks) some 100, 200, and 400 grit paper and spend a night prepping the plastic, and then about 5 minutes a day for the next 3 days shooting 1 coat of paint a day on the parts. I let them dry for a day or two before handling. The end result is brand new, you never would know its painted, parts. The fusion paint has a thick, glossy, plastic looking finish that holds up really well. Its probably about 70.00 worth of work with all the time it takes.....but if you have a few hours and enjoy painting, its worth it.

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