426 Cam Mod (need help)?

I know this topic has been gone into great lengths, but I need advive. With having Knee problems and having to wear Knee Braces, it gets real hard to start my 426 if I stall or fall while on the track! I've heard soo much about the Cam Mod to help starting. Is this something that I should consider? Can Anyone PLEASE inform me of what I need to do to implement this Mod? Any and all the parts that are required and what the cost might be? Also, any sites that may help! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! :naughty:

you should refer to the post that is "stickied" to the top of this forum. Also this will get you going:



The hotcams exhaust cam will cost $170 (direct or through Rocky Mountain), the 450 cam about $100 from various mail order dealers. You need the exhaust side only. You need to change the shims under the valve buckets($6 X 2). To do this check the clearance with an angled feeler Gage. My '02 wants .2mm to .25mm on the exhausts (different from the intakes). If you want to pull out the stock decomp lever, you need a plug from the dealer, or you can just leave the mechanism in there and pull the cable out. $4 for the plug. That's it. The valve cover gasket is reuseable. Some guys agonize over YZ or WR valve timing. I guess the WR is more advanced for good low torque and the YZ is one tooth later for more mid-high (guess). I bought Hotcams, set it up like the picture (YZ time) and it lit on the 2nd kick. No trouble. If I want more power later, I'll buy the intake cam. If you go 450 cam the sprocket tooth sizes are different, but a 1000 guys dropped it in with no trouble. Either will really soften up that kick-over. I love it. Not only does it save me the occasional embarrassment of jumping on the kicker and hanging motionless in mid-air, it gives me one less step when time is sometimes crucial. Occasionally, I stall it on a hill and need it restarted fast. I also recommend the Dr D hotstart lever (moved to the right handlebar). These 2 things give me confidence and speed of re-light when I'm on an ugly hill. No fiddling................well, less fiddling. Good luck to you brother. Message one of us if you want more nitty gritty.

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