05 yz450??

i'm considering upgrading to a 05yz when the 06's come out(if i can get a good enough deal) just about all of the go fast goodies on my 04 wr will work on the 05 yz. and the prices should plummet in june if they announce the alum frame for 06. so all that said i have a couple questions for the yz overlords :naughty:

1. is the shock the same physically,and if so were there enough improvements in it for 05 to justify keeping it instead of using the revalved one i have?

2.i know they changed the trannie a little in 05 did the spacing change(i was wonder if it got a little wider between gears?) the lack of 5th does not worry me as i never use it in the woods anyhow. i also plan to use a rekluse clutch and gear down a little,so the tall 1st is ok also.

3.will the 04 yz upper triple clamp fit the 05,as i have a brand new hurricane laying around.

4. are the tank and seat for the 04 yz the same as the 05?

5.what is the actual weight(not claimed) of the 05 wet without gas?

6. and one more, i've heard several times now that although the forks were an improvement for 05 that they still had an issue with something (other than they're harder to tune) if so is it correctable? i ride HS in deep woods so plushness is key but they also slip in some mx sections,so it needs to take a hit while being plush. is this possible to achieve with that fork?

i appreciate any help, i really want the 06 but i don't think its financially possible :naughty:

1. shock valving is different

2. Tranny ? I do not know

3. 04 clamps will also fit the 05

4. MXA claimed the 450F to weigh 228

5. Tank and seat on the 05 is the same as the 04

6. The 05 forks are nice and an improvement over the 04. HOWEVER they are more difficult to work on and a bear to blead the inner chamber properly due to design. They work great but you may want to save yourself the headache and send them out for revalve and oil change.

thanx satch,the primary drive gear ratio is what changed,from 2.82:1 to 2.65:1, so does that affect the gear spacing at all or just change the clutch rpm? so the shock is the same size just revalved? oh i forgot one thing, will my 18" rim from my 04 wr fit on the 05 yz,if i use the wr sprocket and rotor? i really appreciate the help,as i need to convince the wife that i won't be spending so much on aftermarket if i can change everything over :naughty:

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