Skid Plate Recommendations

I went with the white brothers skid plate. It fits perfectly and is heavy duty.

Only problem is they FORGOT the oil drain hole. My jig saw kept kicking back at me while cutting it out which made it a royal PITA.

Be sure I will be calling my parts guy and get him on the phone with WB tomorrow.

I have a WB. Works great, saved many broken engine parts. It's heavy and has good outboard protection. I did manage to hit a huge rock hard enough to push the plate back into the left side cover once. Bent it back and it's fine ever since.

They remembered the hole in mine, but it's useless, anyway. Oil misses the hole and makes a lake inside the plate. I just remove it for oil changes every ride. It's easy enough.

I'll find out tomorrow when I do my 2 mile oil change...

I never trust what the dealer puts in it.

The coolant is going bye bye too.

I use a scotts. Well build and fit was great.

I run the Utah Cycle Sport on my WR400, and the GYT-R on my 04 WR450, both are great, in fact they look the same except for the GYT-R stamp.

Matty :naughty:

The Utah skid plate looks good. Carbon Fiber is ok for the motocross track but for hardcore rocks and bottoming out I would go with an aluminum skid plate. I have a moose plate and it is strong, bolted right on, does not magnify engine noise and protects the water pump. It may weigh a bit more but the protection is worth it.

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