what is the fastest you ever fouled a plug?????????

My bike will foul a plug with in 4 to 7 miles all the time...

I tried everything nothing works...

bike shops say it is fine..

I quess I need to stick to 2 strokes...

or a petal bike...

maybe cdi

Fred I feel your pain...It's scary driving over 250 miles to an enduro and having a very real fear of fouling a plug as well as your whole weekend. But I will admit that I love this bike...the motor rocks. I think the faulty CDI post from Jamie sounds interesting.


What is the terrain and throttle position mostly where you ride? Is it wide open or slow going? Does it sputter alot or just die out all at once. Know anyone who could swap parts?

Sometimes the engine heat warms the electronics before problems start. The CDI would be on my list too.



you're turning into a proper whinger. stick to working off one thread & stop creating a new one on the same problem everyday.

as i can make out you have got to be a little more analytical with your answers.

tell us what you have tried SPECIFICALLY.


i've had my bike for almost 8 mos. with 500 miles or so and all the goodies(ie. exhaust, headpipe, airbox cover removed and rejetted it to what fmf recommended on their web site.) on it and still have the original plug in it. something must be really wrong.

This seems to be a popular topic and I feel really left out because I have never fouled a plug, in fact I've been riding my WR for 3 years and have only changed the plug once (because I had the tank off anyway). I live in So Cal. and my jetting is stock. I think that jetting is the key here. I wonder if a valve adjustment could help. Ask Clark he'll know what's dealio. Good Luck, Dan

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