XR600 oil overfill?

Just changed oil in my XR600. Emptied crankcase and reservoir. Put in 1 quart and idled for a minute then filled it up. Total of nearly 3 quarts! Drove it around for 2-3 minutes and checked level.... near the top. Opened side plug and had some oil slowly come out maybe 3-4 ounces. Bike has few miles (under 10K). Is this normal? Engine sounded ok. No smoke.

They hold 2 quarts with just an oil change, 2.06 with filter.

2.6 qts. if you remove a side cover

2.6 qts. if you remove a side cover

that's good to know

(First bike so im kind of a noob) I recently bought a used 95 honda xr650l and its got 1400 miles on it($600) + alot of parts for it, they used it offroad, no blinkers on it, anyways I dont know verymuch about bikes but im going 2 learn, I put about 85 miles on it and Im pretty sure there was 2 much oil in it because the person abused it pretty much. It was fast as hell for awhile then it started too bogg out on me as I gave it more gas / less response then it would stall....

while coasting I popped the clutch and it started up again and drove fine for a lil while and it happens again .... so it stalls and so on... till I got home and parked it... I changed the oil and filter looked in manual put the the right amount of oil, tried starting it and it sounds like it wants to fire up, but just wont....

So i parked it over winter in a shed... Drained all the gas out because it was sitting there for so long... Just curious what would happen if it was ran with 2 much oil for awhile???

Now that theres some nice days I have been messing with it... took the K&N filter out and tapped like ALOT of dirt/sand..... I mean the pile was pretty huge, and I kno that cant be good... I dont wanna start it up untill I get a better Idea of whats up.

p s ... im glad i found this website its got alot of good comments/questions that will help me :naughty:

I can only say what I would do clean everything, adjust the valves, clean out the carb, check the fuel screen in the tank (petcock screen) check the sparkplug, make sure the oil filter is installed correctly, you should have a service manual, good luck!

Thx sir....I took the carb off and it seems like it got some buildup in it.... I swiped my finger inside and some dirt came off on my finger....

also, what happens if u run the bike with too much oil, like what kind of probs could happen? :naughty:

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