Clarke Tank Installation XR650L ???

I have an older clarke tank I bought on ebay ($11 shipped!) but it didn't have any of the hardware. I ordered all the parts from clarke, which included: longer bolt and spacer, cap, rod and petcock adapter. My quesion is with the adapter. It mounts to the plastic tank via 2 screws.There is an O-ring that came with the kit.

Is the o-ring used to mate the petcock adapter plate to the plastic tank or is used between the petcock adapter. There was a homeade uinversal petock that was glued on to the tank with a blue rtv type material.

When you buy the tank new, is the petcock adapter already on the tank? Is there a gasket or seal? I used the O-ring between the tank and adapter, but there is nowhere for it to seat.

Any Suggestions?


I just bought a 4.7. The tank had the metal piece already on the tank, held there by 2 screws. The petcock off the original tank just screwed right on to the new Clarke. I used the gasket off the old tank which I believe (If I remember right) sets down inside the petcock then seals against the bottom of the threads on the new tank. Does that help??


94 L

I am not sure yet. The word I got on the other forums was the o-ring that came with the mounting kit is for bewteen the plate and tank. i have it installed that way now and it hasn't leaked, but looks a bit dodgy. I may try a gasloine proof sealent to seal it.

Did you check the Clarke website for installation instructions?

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