best type oil and brand name...

Just thought we might add some good info into the database. While Mobil red cap is no longer around i switched to Castrol full synthetic 5W-40.

I'm still running dino oil in mine until I hit around 250 miles or so, then I'm switching to Amsoil...SC

:naughty: I still have 2 years worth of red cap 15/50 on the shelf next to my wr 400 but when that is gone i will switch to Amsoil .

I ran yamalube til 200 miles then switched to amsoil

I'm using the new Mobil 15W50. It is a gold cap, but essentially the same oil as the red cap we all loved so much. I use Amsoil in my FJR 1300 and to be honest I'm considering switching it to Mobil 1 15W50 after this case runs out just due to the difference in cost.


sounds like a lot of people like "AMSOIL" i don't guess i ever heard of it. Can someone give me some info on what makes it so good......i might be switching to amsoil.........

thanks for the info. looks like amsoil synthetic is about the best out there. do you know if AutoZone,or Wal Mart carries it???????

I buy mine online... Its not easy to find in stores. Some speed shops carry it but it's cheaper from the amsoil store.

what about redline oil?

I've heard Amsoil is good but I'm always concerned about the hype of a product when it's sold through MLM (Multi Level Marketing).

I was at my local Canadian tire store and seen some mobil one red cap 15 40.

It didn't say anything about fuel savings on the label. Is this still the good stuff?

Looks like the same stuff I was always buying. What do I look for to see if it's the new formula ? 7.95 by the liter or they had it by the 4.4 liter jug also {imperial gallon} at 44 $

I just bought a new WR 450 and I am now using Motul 10W40 full synthetic. Its an ester based synthetic oil specifically for motorcycles with no automobile additives. I also run it in my KTM 950S so at 17 $ a litre (Canadian) it better be good.



'So may bikes, so little time'

04 Yamaha WR450

04 KTM Adventure 950S

Amsoil, Redline and Mobil1 are all good stuff. My local Dyno Dog swears by the Royal Purple 20/50 synthetic motorcycle stuff at (gasp) 8 bucks a quart it's a bit pricey. I use Mobil1 in my HD and Royal Purple in the thumpers; but wouldn't hesitate to use the new Mobil1 in the WR.

yeah I forgot about Redline and Royal Purple... both high quality products, I'd switch to either one if Amsoil ever became unavailable.

Just a FWI to those of ya considering full synthetics for the first time, make sure you break in new bikes with dino oil (good ol yamalube works just fine) for the first couple hundred miles, THEN switch to synthetics. Cam's don't break in properly on synthetics and it can take much longer for the rings to seat too.

I have run Valvoline 10-40 the old blend for over 3 years and over 3000 miles.

The stuff is only $1.89 a quart. I still have my original clutch and piston no trouble at all. Now I do chage it ever two rides or after a race. But the stuff is cheap and clean.

I would run the fancy stuff if it didn't cost $5 buck plus a quart. I'll bet it's great stuff. But I just change out my oil more often and have never had a problem.

The great oil debate is less of a debate for me as I rack up the mileage on the good and now getting older 01 WR 426. One day it will die but for now it's running better then new.

These engines are reliable. What ever oil you use. Keep it clean and fresh and it will last for many great races and trail rides.

Very Well Said.

I love oil and spark plug topics!!!!!! It seems that EVERYONE has an opinion on these two subjects. My guess is that this topic will go 5, no, 6 pages before it dies out. So here is my little bit of knowledge, opinion and experience regarding what is the best oil --- and not necessarily in that order.

First the additive package is the heart and soul of any oil. There are VERY few companies that make these additive packages. The largest is Lubrizol $1.6 Billion in annual sales. They provide additive packages to most of the engine oil manufacturers domestically and to foreign manufacturers through their overseas subsidiaries. The oil (you know, the sticky stuff that won't come out of your clothes if you spill it on yourself) that is used to manufacture what you put in your engine is pretty much the same stuff, when you are dealing with name brand manufacturers. You really don't gain very much if any advantage when you use a synthetic motor oil, because the Federal Trade Commission has allowed the oil companies to play word games with the the word synthetic. If you think that synthetic in the name means your oil was created in a laboratory using space age technology you are in for a disappointment. All of that synthetic oil is just conventional petroleum based oil that has been modified --- yes it is all just decayed dinosaur carcasses :naughty:. Besides, if you all are like me, I change my oil every 300 miles or twice as often as Yamaha recommends for the WR450F, so there is no way that I could realize an added benefit from using a synthetic motor oil which has been designed for long wear.

An engineer friend of mine and one very excellent offroad motorcycle rider, who once owned a company that is a VERY large manufacturer of motorcycle oils and lubricants in the USA (they account for 15 percent of motorcycle oil sales world wide), is adamant that only oils specifically formulated for motorcycles should be used in motorcycle engines. The reason is that motorcycles are exempt from the more rigorous portions of EPA regulations that govern exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines. Oils specifically formulated for motorcycle use can still use the best additives for the prevention of engine wear and contamination which have been banned by the EPA for use in automobile engines because of emissions concerns. Also, many automobile specific motor oils contain friction reducing additives that are designed for increased gas mileage. These additives will interfere with the proper operation of the clutch in our wet sump motorcycles. Let's put this in Mother Goose terms, my friend is an avid motorcycle rider, he owned a motor oil manufacturing company, thus he could have made or got free through industry contacts any kind of oil he wanted to put in his motorcycle, and he uses and recommends motorcycle specific motor oil. In my personal case thats good enough logic for me to NOT put diesel oil or automobile oil in my motorcycle engine.

Yamaha paid a group of engineers a lot of Yen (maybe Dollars, because Yamaha Lube is manufactured in the USA) to develop, test and approve a motorcycle oil blend that would perform well in their YZ and WR motorcycles, which are advertised and sold as competitive racing machines. So, it would be logical then to assume that these engineers did not sit around during this process and think up ways to make a product that would ensure that Yamaha engines would burn crank bearings, prematurely wear cylinders and grind up gearboxes.

So, this has been a little long winded, but my bottom line is --- I use Yamaha Lube 4R, SAE 10W50 Semi-synthetic oil in my WR450. It is approved by the manufacturer to meet or exceed their engine performance specifications, it is widely available, I get a 20 percent break on the case price and I have used Yamaha Lube products in all of my 2-cycle motorcycles for over 20 years with great results. I do however, wish that they would sell it in 1 liter bottles.

Just thought we might add some good info into the database. While Mobil red cap is no longer around i switched to Castrol full synthetic 5W-40.

This thread has been beat to death in every forum on TT, try a search next time the database is over flowing with this info.

Yeah this thread is sort of a dead horse. The previous post that said "all" synthetic oil is dino based is incorrect. Ester based oils, such as Motul snythetics are made from esters. These are derived from things like coconuts. Have you ever ridden behind someone that uses Motul Synthetics? It smells sort of nice. These synthetics have very high film strengths. As far as a cost analysis goes, synthetics may very well not be the cheapest in the long run. I change my oil too frequently as it is, but I love my bike and don't mind the additional cost. The bike only holds 1.5 liters, so worst case scenario is that I spend an extra $20.00 per oil change. I am not wealthy, but I can stomach the extra expense. Use whatever oil you like. Now the Amsoil thing, they are very "amway" in my book. They tout the stuff as being better than anything. The product appears to be just fine; I just don't think it's all that they hype it to be. Every product Amsoil makes, is supposedly better than everyone else's. Just my two cents.

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