carb adjustements

hey guys i had a @#$#@#$ of poping on decel and rev up with a terrible bog off bottom with crappy idle,, so i turned the fuel screw out, it's at about 3 turns,, im leary to go any more than that ,, that cleared up a good portion of the popping,, and this thing has an {fmf} i believe--- header back system,loud as balls,, i {think}? this could have to do with some popping ,, and it didnt have a clamp on the header and silencer union,, so i put on a small hose clamp and that cleared alot more popping up ,, seems to run and idle well now,,

is there a quick fix to the instant throttle bog?,, i know its common,, is this from a lean or rich condition? i know when i richened up the fuel screw it helped out,, or changing needle positions? and 2-1/2 to 3 screws out is that to much,, i know ive read over a certain point go up to the next pilot jet,,anywhere else in the rmp range the throttle is crisp{ or so i think} just right off the very bottom i ahve that little bog

but my thing is as soon as i find a stock or {quieter} exhaust for semi cheap im getting it so i dont want to rejet 2 times,,, thanks for the help

My bike is the same. I have the Dr.D setup and thats it. Last season I found my idol to be up and down, it never stayed consistant. I took my carb aprart and found that the gasket that is between slide and the slide plate was gone. So during the off season I ordered a new gasket and found a pipe setup also. Well I just tried to fire it up and I still can't get it to idle well (it pops every so often). It seems that once I fire it up I can adjust the idle to where is should be, but as soon as I give it throttle it revs up way high and won't come down. I tried to tool around the yard and found that if I give it a little gas to go the revs will start to clime to about 10 mph, but if I just let the clutch out the idol will be normal but I will only make it a few feet until the bike dies. I have all stock jets except for the main- 165 and the needle is at two from the top. Fuel screw is 1.5 out.

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