Clutch baskets: PE vs Hinson

I know the Hinson is a good basket, but the PE is considerably less, and it is a billet style as well. Any opinions or first hand knowledge with the PE basket?

Personally, I like Hinson. The people there, the owners, are excellent when it comes to customer service. Honestly, I would rather deal with the Hinson folks than almost any other aftermarket supplier.

Well I dont have any first hand experiance with the PE basket, but I am running a full Hinson setup that is great. I would recommend it over PE only because I have never heard of PE and Hinson has a reputable name in the buisness.

same here, i have just the basket. i wouldnt skimp on something as important as your clutch. i almost got the talon but not many people on here knew about it so i just went with something that has been proven. it's worth it.

PE "Performance Engineering". They have been making parts for many years and do a good job. I am not sure of their baskets from experience but I would bet it is a quality product. Wiseco makes a good one also and I believe from their forging process, theirs is the hardest. I run a Hinson myself and have had 0 problems.

I ordered the PE last friday from Motosports Outlet for $139.

I'll let you know what I think of build quality when I get it later this week, but I've only heard good things about them.

Thanks for the info guys.

I have the PE basket. Works we'll. Does not include the back plate. So don't damage yours when removing it.


I have the PE basket. Works we'll. Does not include the back plate. So don't damage yours when removing it.


Neither does the Hinson or any of them, right?

Is the drilling process a pain?

Save the cash and get the PE. I've heard nothing but good about their baskets. I replaced the stock basket on my '00 426 after one year of riding with an el cheapo $90 "Magnum" billet clutch basket. Rode for 3 years with it...absolutely no problems. Now the bike it up for sale and sure to offer the next owner years of riding pleasure. Don't waste your money on the Hinson unless you find an incredible deal somewhere. As long as it's billet, you know it has to be way better than the stock cast basket.

Actually tonight, I just finished working on my clutch. No wear at all on the PE. I was actually surprised. It was so easy to replace the clutch basket. I do have a recommendation though, buy the hinson clutch cushions. Mine where cracked.


Just received the PE unit today and am very impressed by build quality. I wont have a ride report until mid May though......

Seems like a top notch peice to me.

Are they using cushions instead of springs in your clutch baskets?

I am unable to pull the clutch out (bike is stored offsite), so if anyone else can answer that question for the 2000 it would be much appreciated for the rest of us.

I was just curious about yours, mine is a 2000 and has springs.

I know this thread is old.

But any reports on the PE clutch basket yet?

I've got about 500-600 miles on mine without an issue. I cant comment on the build quality vs. Hinson, but I can say the build quality is excellent. Much better than the stocker and I'm sure costs less too. At $139 there's no reason to buy stock if you need a basket.

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