broken throttle cable (@*!&^%#)

OK I give up, whats the trick to lining the throttle cable up on the 01'? My first cable did not break but it did fray so I replaced it about 2 years ago. Thought I had it lined up perfectly. Today I broke the pull side of the cable, thank God I was on a strait and not a jump face! Anyway, if someone could please let me in on the secret to lining it up I would be greatful! :naughty:

I don't know, but I just replaced mine because it was frayed on the return side. Now I know to keep an eye on it.

you really have to tinker with the cables were they bolt to the plastic housing of the carb/throttle mechanism and find where they have the least resistance or "rubbing" then tighten the retaining nut down. Also about once a month I would take the plastic cover off and lube the cables and gears with lithium grease.

Zip tie racing makes a replacment throttle wheel that goes on the carb that supposed tp help with the fraying.

After replacing my stock cables 2x I installed a Motion pro cable and have never replaced it since.

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