Best Setup for Woods/Hill Climbing

I have a 04 WR 450F with Whites Bros E2 pipe. YZ throttle stop but snorkel still intact to keep noise down. Mainly ride in "hilly" wet woods areas. Have purchased but not installed yet: rekluse clutch and power now/power now plus goodies.

Here is my question: How can I make the bike more "tractor" like with "smooth" power? I am considering changing gearing (any recommendations for better hill climbing and less stalling) and heavier flywheel. Loosing some top speed is not that much of a concern to me. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve

I weigh about 220, and have my 04 WR450 have all of the suspension setup right in the middle- It works really great for the singletrack, tight trails, and the occasional hill climbs here in central Texas- I ride mostly at CTOR near Killeen. I am waiting for my YZ screw, but have already taken out the stock baffle, and have removed the grey wire- It may be me, but taking out the grey wire really helped in the woods, The bike pulls harder, smoother and I can even ride one gear higher. Hope it helps

I like 14/52...changed my 05 after the first ride..Like to idle it down over the technical stuff..don't really care for the super high speed fire road stuff.. :naughty:

I have an 00' WR400F and I'm looking for a little more power on hill climbs but I don't want to fall behind my buddies on the high speed fire roads either. I've been looking at Renthal gear sets but I'm not sure which setup will fit my specific needs.

You already have the answer to your question. Get the rekluse and power now installed. :naughty:

I have a Rekluse on both my 03 WR450 and my 05 YZ 250. Makes it a whole new bike. You will not need to do any re-gearing.

Take the POS quiet end out of the pipe. My buddy has an E2 on his 04 and I was riding it yesterday and was thinking "where is all the power"? He was riding my bike, I was riding his because I wanted to see how I liked his Rekluse. When we stopped he said how much more power my bike had. So I asked if he minded if I took the quiet thing out and he said go ahead. Man what I difference, had the same power as my bike then. Now he is pissed because he has to take his spark arrestor out to take the quiet thing out. We are trying to figure out how to get a spark arrestor in there without the very restrictive quiet cap. Other than that, his bike is set up very similar to yours and I ripped up some very steep hills on it and it felt great. Man that Rekluse is awesome, cant wait till I can afford one. :naughty:

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