cluth help please

I just installed new clutch plates on my 01 426 everything was working fine before the installation but after a diff. story the clutch isn't working. I put it in gear pull the clutch and it's like it needs adjusting. I have also yet to get it to start w/new plates much resistance while kicking, even noticably more resistance w/comp. release pulled. It has a magura hydraulic lever, it doesn't feel right now either.

Did you soak the plates in oil?

yes I did

did you make sure to reinstall the "ball" at the end of the clutch rod ?

I didn't pull the rod just replaced plates

You do know that one of the plates is differant from the rest. The inside diameter is diferent than the rest. If it isn't in the correct order you will have isues.

the old plates did not have any notches in the tabs: new ones did, I asked around and several people said that the notches need not be lined up, several people were wrong!

Line the notches up, works like a champ.

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