I was afraid to give that first kick but finally.

It went fine :D:D:cry:

My 01WR426 now has new rings, adjusted valves and is YZ timed. :naughty:

Fired on the second kick :D and revs like a charm. I think I lost the bug I had when I gun the throttle from idle. :naughty:

Thank you very much to all TTers who helped me with this job :D . I had problems installing the chain guide, chain tensioner, valve lifters... and you got me on the right lane every time. Thanks for all the pictures, thanks to motoman (Garrett) website. I'm not a mechanic in any way. I was just curious and motivated to learn how it works. You guys have been of great help. TT rocks! :D:D:p:p

I'm happy like a child at Xmas and so proud I did it that my head barely makes it through doors! :D

Other mods of this winter include:

Ty Davis tank (Thanks Tim!)

YZ seat with gripper cover (Thanks Tom)

FMF PC4 (Tom again)

new skid plate

new jetting setup: 170 main - 48 pilot - needle at fourth clip - 1 1/8 turn out on the pilot screw.(Thanks James Dean, and Indy!)

Did not take it for a ride yet cause I have a small fuel leak at the carb (right where the fuel line plugs). I'll take care of that this week.

I'm anxious to ride :D


Most excellent Math!

It feels great to complete a project like that especially if you have never done it before.

CONGRATS :naughty:


I'd like to thank everyone for their inputs. I test rode my beast today and the feeling was really nice. It kicks like my son's IT 175. So much easier.


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