Oil leak?

Went to check my valves and removed the two timing caps on the engine crankcase to make sure I set the marks to the compression stroke. Anyhow, oil gushed out of the lower timing cap hole. About a 1/4 of a quart it looks like. I'd say I have a bad seal in there, you guys see anything else it could be? The bike is an '01 YZ426f. Ridden purely MX only. Thanks for any help.

There's no bad seal. It's supposed to be like that. The same thing happened to me when i took apart my 00 426. I checked into it and everyone said that there is supposed to be oil in there. You will know for sure when you put the right amount of oil in the bike and it's not low.

Thanks for your help. :naughty:

Recently I took that entire cover off to install an Electrex stator and not much oil came out at all. I know my oil level was topped up aswell. I think it could depend on how long the bike has sat, the longer it sits, the more oil will drain from the frame into the engine. This is only my theory though, so I cant really say for sure how much oil should drain out. Did you have the bike running before you took the cap off?

No, the bike had been sitting for about 3 days. I was just starting to tear it down -gonna put in a new piston/rings, check the valves etc...thanks for your help. :naughty:

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