Loose Kickstart Lever

The swingout kickstart lever on my 00' WR400F is loose and occasionally swings out while I'm cornering hard. What are my options and where can I get a replacement lever if this is something that cannot be fixed with simple hand tools? Also, is this a common problem on WR400s?

i have removed mine for inspection

absolutely new ball was needed (took it out of some bearing)

maybe your ball spring needs a bit of stretching, to help keeping lever in position

kind of I also need some job done on lever itself, since it has free play, when mounted on the rod, but is still stuck firmly by the ball

I can see inner hole in the lever is slightly overused from rotation, wich was done by the top edge of the rod

I hope alu welder can reach that deep to put some material on that area, and my work would be making nice cylindrical hole again

has anyone attempted this, is it possible to reach that deep in narrow area with welding machine?

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